Clunking Car?

04/05/202159 Auto Repair
Why is my car clunking over bumps? Many times, when vehicles make a clunking noise over bumps it is caused by the car’s struts. The struts are what provides the support for the vehicle’s suspension. It is what helps with ride comfort and keeps the vehicle driving smoothly. The strut will compress to take the impact of a bump. Struts should be replaced for maintenance every 75,000 miles. A technician will inspect a strut to check for wear, rust, or leaks. These indicate that it is time to have

Rodents In My Vehicle?!

04/02/202159 Auto Repair
There are rodents in my vehicle! What do I do? Rodents such as mice and opossums like to cozy up in your engine compartment due to the warm engine. They will make nests if given the opportunity to remain there. One common issue is that mice love to chew wiring. It is an easy and convenient snack while they are in there. How do you know if there are animals making your vehicle their home? Many times, the animal will bring in twigs and other nest material to make a home under your hood. If you

Are your tires ready for winter?

11/02/202059 Auto Repair
Having good tread on your vehicle's tires can make all the difference. Good tread on tires helps you stop faster and gives you better handling in slippery conditions. Tires should be replaced when their tread is at 3/32nds. Having properly inflated tires helps your tires last even longer and contribute to vehicle safety. The tire light coming on is an indication of low tire pressure. In winter as it gets colder outside, it naturally causes your tire pressure to decrease. We recommend having y

59 Auto Repair is officially a Pokemon Go Gym!

10/09/202059 Auto Repair
59 Auto Repair is officially a Pokemon Go Gym! Come visit us to battle with your buddy at our gym or join us for raids! We entered a competition for Pokemon Go’s small business initiative where businesses that were affected by Covid19 could become a gym for a year. Worldwide, only 1000 businesses were chosen, and we were one of them. Part of the reason we were chosen was due to our community service. We are currently collecting donations for the Plainfield Interfaith Food Pantry. We also teame

A virtual duck race on November 19th

10/09/202059 Auto Repair
Plainfield Rotary Club is hosting a virtual duck race on November 19th. With Covid19, the Plainfield Rotary Club wanted to find a way to still hold their annual duck race. They found a way to do the duck race virtually instead. Ducks are available for adoption at The prize is a 50/50 raffle with half of the money raised going to support Rotary Charities. This year, Rotary has focused more than ever on helping their community. This includes supporting local food pantries as

Nice to See You – Free Online Concert Event

04/17/202059 Auto Repair
A Free online concert to unite Plainfield, IL during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Local service organizations in the Plainfield area are joining forces for an online concert to be broadcast on Saturday, April 25th at 4:00pm at and at the Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. The hour long event, titled “Nice to See You”, will feature intimate performances by four local artists and will be streaming live at and Th

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