When should my battery be replaced?

11/24/202159 Auto Repair
A battery typically has a life span of 5 to 6 years. Over time, the battery's ability to hold a charge will lessen, causing the vehicle to not start. The technician will check the cold cranking amperage of the battery as well as the reserve capacity to determine the battery's performance. When a battery's cold cranking amps fall below optimal level, the battery should be replaced. Extreme weather, such as the cold in winter, puts extra strain on the electrical system of your vehicle to start.

How do I check my coolant?

11/15/202159 Auto Repair
The coolant should only be checked when your engine is cold. You should never open the radiator cap when the coolant is hot or it can burn you. To check your coolant level, locate the coolant reservoir bottle. On the side will be a minimum and maximum line. The coolant level should fall between these two lines. If it is below the minimum line, coolant should be added through the radiator cap and the coolant overflow bottle if the vehicle has one. Coolant should be a 50/50 coolant and water mix

Carillon Lakes Fall Expo 2021

11/12/202159 Auto Repair
The Carillon Lakes Fall Expo is one of our favorite events. It gives us a chance to visit with different members of this great community. Thank you to everyone from Carillon Lakes who stopped by our booth to talk! Jim and Rich had a great time getting to know everyone and answering any automotive questions. We loved visiting with you and cannot wait until next year.

What should I check on my vehicle before winter?

11/10/202159 Auto Repair
With colder weather just around the corner, we are here to help you prepare your car. Before snow comes, your tires should be checked for proper inflation as well as good tread life. It is common for cold weather to cause your tires to drop a few pounds of pressure. Good tread helps your tire grip the road and keeps control of the vehicle in bad conditions. We are always happy to check your tire pressure and tread life! Your battery should also be inspected for proper cold cranking amps as w

When should I replace my coolant?

11/02/202159 Auto Repair
When should I replace my coolant? Over time, your coolant system becomes contaminated with moisture. This causes the boiling point of the coolant to change, as well as it to lose its rust-inhibiting properties. Over time, this will cause corrosion in the system and will cause the vehicle to overheat. As part of your regular maintenance service, coolant should be replaced every 5 years or 60,000 miles. When the coolant is replaced, the technician will burp the system to remove any air bubbles.

Why do I hear a clicking noise while turning?

10/20/202159 Auto Repair
A clicking noise can be an indication of a few different issues on your vehicle. One of the most common issues is a worn CV Axle Shaft. The CV axle joint has boots that contain grease. The grease helps lubricate the joint while the axle moves. When the boot starts to crack, it will leak grease, and when the grease is gone, the axle will make noise. Sometimes a worn cv axle will cause a vibration that increases with speed. Other times, a cv axle will cause a knocking noise that can be more pron

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