59 Auto Repair is officially a Pokemon Go Gym!

10/09/2020gym59 Auto Repair
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59 Auto Repair is officially a Pokemon Go Gym! Come visit us to battle with your buddy at our gym or join us for raids! We entered a competition for Pokemon Go’s small business initiative where businesses that were affected by Covid19 could become a gym for a year. Worldwide, only 1000 businesses were chosen, and we were one of them. Part of the reason we were chosen was due to our community service.

We are currently collecting donations for the Plainfield Interfaith Food Pantry. We also teamed up with Napa in May to offer free oil changes to first responders. With everything going on in our community, we wanted to give back any way possible. We were lucky enough to be deemed an essential business and stay open but have felt the impact of this pandemic like many out there. Pokemon Go recognized this and made us a gym for a year.

Rich and Linda, the owners of 59 Auto Repair, started playing Pokemon Go 4 years ago when their children started playing. Their children kept bugging them to play too so that they could play together. The kids finally wore them down and now they play together all the time! It is a great way to get the whole family out and walk around. They even bring the dogs with them to join in on the fun! Come out and visit our gym today!

What will happen if the brake line leaks?

02/07/202259 Auto Repair
What will happen if the brake line leaks? When brake lines are leaking, the brake fluid level will drop. Brake fluid helps transfer the force and movement created when you press down the brake pedal. When the fluid gets too low, you will lose the brake pressure, and will not be able to stop the vehicle. 59 Auto Repair does not recommend driving the vehicle when the brake fluid is leaking. Eventually, the fluid will drop low enough you will not be able to stop the vehicle. A mechanic will need to

Why Is My Car Starting Slow?

02/02/202259 Auto Repair
Why is my car starting slow? A long crank is an indication that the battery may be failing on your vehicle. Extreme weather causes stress on the battery and takes more power to start the vehicle. Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. The mechanic will test the cold-cranking amps and the voltage of the battery to determine if the battery should be replaced. The battery should be tested as part of your vehicle maintenance service. Our mechanics test the batteries with every oil

Does battery corrosion mean bad battery?

01/29/2022Auto Repair
Does battery corrosion mean bad battery? Over time, corrosion will build up on the battery terminals. When there is corrosion the battery will not properly charge. This will cause premature wear on your battery and may cause the vehicle to not start. If there is corrosion on your battery, we recommend performing a battery service. The technician will take cleaner and a wire brush to scrub the terminals clean. If corrosion is left too long, the battery terminals can be damaged and then will need

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