Are your tires ready for winter?

11/02/2020tires59 Auto Repair
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Having good tread on your vehicle's tires can make all the difference. Good tread on tires helps you stop faster and gives you better handling in slippery conditions. Tires should be replaced when their tread is at 3/32nds. Having properly inflated tires helps your tires last even longer and contribute to vehicle safety. The tire light coming on is an indication of low tire pressure. In winter as it gets colder outside, it naturally causes your tire pressure to decrease.

We recommend having your tire pressure checked for proper PSI every winter. Stop in today for your free tire pressure check! Unsure whether you need new tires? Have them checked today to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter! Last winter, someone driving by our sign did not have her tires checked in time. When she took the turn onto our street, her vehicle slid right into our sign! Everyone involved was ok. Call us today at (815) 254-9959 to get a quote on tires and find out what specials we have today!

Cracked Tires?

04/19/202159 Auto Repair
Why are my tires cracking? Cracks in a tire are often due to the age of the tires. As tires get older, the rubber gets brittle, and cracks will start to form. Once the tires are cracked, you must replace the tires. Tires can also have uneven wear. Uneven wearing of tires is typically due to worn suspension parts. This can include the shocks, struts, or ball joints. Leaking struts are the most common cause of uneven tire wear. The alignment can also cause edgewear on tires if it is off. When

What will happen if the brake line leaks?

02/07/202259 Auto Repair
What will happen if the brake line leaks? When brake lines are leaking, the brake fluid level will drop. Brake fluid helps transfer the force and movement created when you press down the brake pedal. When the fluid gets too low, you will lose the brake pressure, and will not be able to stop the vehicle. 59 Auto Repair does not recommend driving the vehicle when the brake fluid is leaking. Eventually, the fluid will drop low enough you will not be able to stop the vehicle. A mechanic will need to

Why Is My Car Starting Slow?

02/02/202259 Auto Repair
Why is my car starting slow? A long crank is an indication that the battery may be failing on your vehicle. Extreme weather causes stress on the battery and takes more power to start the vehicle. Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. The mechanic will test the cold-cranking amps and the voltage of the battery to determine if the battery should be replaced. The battery should be tested as part of your vehicle maintenance service. Our mechanics test the batteries with every oil

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