Why are my brakes grinding?

05/11/202159 Auto Repair
Brakes grinding is an indication that there is something wrong with the braking system. If your vehicle sits for a long time, rust will build on the brake rotors. This will cause them to make noise. If there is enough brake pad material, the technician will clean and adjust the brakes to prevent further noise. Sometimes the technician will resurface the brake rotors to rid them of rust. If the brake rotors are scored or pitted, the brake pads and rotors will need to be replaced. Call today to

Why is my belt squealing

05/05/202159 Auto Repair
Why is my belt squealing or screeching on my car? The belton your vehicle will start to make noise to indicate that it may need to be replaced. As the belt gets worn out, the rubber belt will start to slip on the metal pulley, which may cause a squealing noise. When the belt is worn, it cannot create the proper tension needed to move the pulleys at the right speed. Why is my drive belt important? Your drive belt powers the different features on your car such as the alternator, water pump, or

Squeaking while braking?

05/03/202159 Auto Repair
Why do I hear squeaking while braking? Brakes squeaking or grinding is an indication that it is time to replace the brake pads. When you replace the brake pads, the technician will inspect the brake rotors to see if they can be resurfaced or will have to be replaced. If the rotors are rusted, pitted, or scored, we recommend replacing them at the same time as the brake pads. The technician will also inspect the calipers, caliper slides, and bleeders to ensure good working conditions. The life

Oil Light On?

04/28/202159 Auto Repair
Why is my Low Oil Light on? The oil light may come on when the oil is low. The engine oil helps lubricate the engine. If this light is on, you should pull over as soon as possible and check the oil level. Driving with low oil can cause major engine damage. If the oil is low, we recommend adding engine oil until the system is full before driving the vehicle. If the light goes off, drive your vehicle to a repair shop to have it inspected. The technician will check for leaks in the engine oil sys

Cracked Tires?

04/19/202159 Auto Repair
Why are my tires cracking? Cracks in a tire are often due to the age of the tires. As tires get older, the rubber gets brittle, and cracks will start to form. Once the tires are cracked, you must replace the tires. Tires can also have uneven wear. Uneven wearing of tires is typically due to worn suspension parts. This can include the shocks, struts, or ball joints. Leaking struts are the most common cause of uneven tire wear. The alignment can also cause edgewear on tires if it is off. When

Bad Tie Rod Ends

04/14/202159 Auto Repair
What are the symptoms of a bad tie rod end? The tie rod ends on your car help keep everything solid in the front end of your vehicle. They help control the car while turning. If the tie rod end is worn, the suspension will not be as tight. The steering may feel looser than normal. A worn tie rod end will cause the front end to be misaligned. This can lead to uneven tire wear, among other issues. If the tie rod end breaks, you can lose steering on your vehicle. We recommend having your tie rod

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