Why is my TPMS light flashing?

10/01/202159 Auto Repair
TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System and is the system in your vehicle that monitors the tire pressure. If the light comes on solid, the tire pressure on your vehicle is low. When the light is flashing, there is a problem with one of the tire pressure sensors. Each tire has a sensor inside connected to the valve stem that has a battery. The battery on the TPMS sensor typically lasts 5 years. When the battery on the sensor dies, it will no longer send a signal to your vehicle; this

How do my brakes work?

09/16/202159 Auto Repair
Your foot pushes on the brake pedal to apply the brakes. The force of your foot is amplified by mechanical leverage and the brake booster. A piston then moves into the cylinder and squeezes the hydraulic fluid out of the end. Hydraulic fluid runs through the brake lines and hoses to transmit pressure equally to all four brakes. The force creates friction between the brake pads and brake rotors to stop your vehicle. Over time, this causes the brake pad to wear down. When the brake pad is thin,

Corrosion on Battery Terminals?

09/10/202159 Auto Repair
Is there corrosion on your battery terminals? This is a sign that it is time for a battery service! The technician will apply cleaner to the battery terminal and then take a wire brush to scrub the terminals. Corrosion causes the battery cables to make poor connections. If the cables do not have a good connection, the battery will not properly charge. This can lead to the vehicle not starting. It can also reduce the life of your battery. The technician will check the reserve capacity as well a

How To Improve My Fuel Mileage

08/25/202159 Auto Repair
One of the most important factors into improving fuel mileage is to use the correct kind of gasoline. Never put Kerosene or Diesel Fuel into any gasoline engine vehicles. Running the wrong type of fuel through the system can cause catastrophic engine damage. The best thing to do to improve your gas mileage is to properly maintain your vehicle. Dirty air filters will cause air flow restriction resulting in the vehicle using more gas. Replacing your air filter at a regular interval will help imp

Why won’t my car start?

07/22/202159 Auto Repair
The Battery is a key component to starting your vehicle. When the vehicle cranks slowly and does not want to start, the battery can be the cause. Sometimes loose battery cables can cause the battery not to properly charge. This causes the battery to not have enough energy to start your vehicle. Other times, the battery does not have enough reserve capacity or cold cranking amps to start the vehicle. Sometimes, you can jump start the vehicle to get the car started. If you need to jump star

What does it mean when you turn the key and it just clicks?

07/14/202159 Auto Repair
Clicking while starting can be an indication that the starter on your vehicle has failed. The starter cranks the engine to initiate the power. Once the vehicle is started, the starter's job is done. If your vehicle is clicking when you turn the key instead of cranking, the starter is not properly engaging. When this happens, jump-starting the vehicle will not help to start it. If your vehicle is not starting, we recommend scheduling an appointment to have the vehicle inspected. A technician wi

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