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Bad Tie Rod Ends

04/14/2021bad tie rod end59 Auto Repair
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What are the symptoms of a bad tie rod end? The tie rod ends on your car help keep everything solid in the front end of your vehicle. They help control the car while turning. If the tie rod end is worn, the suspension will not be as tight. The steering may feel looser than normal. A worn tie rod end will cause the front end to be misaligned. This can lead to uneven tire wear, among other issues. If the tie rod end breaks, you can lose steering on your vehicle.

We recommend having your tie rod ends inspected as part of your regular maintenance service. The technician will check for play in the tie rod ends. Call today to schedule an appointment to have your suspension checked!

What does winterizing a car mean?

01/03/202259 Auto Repair
Each winter, you should have an inspection done on your vehicle to make sure it is ready for the colder weather. So, what does a technician check in the wintertime? The technician will inspect the tires for good tread life as well as proper tire inflation. The battery should be tested for proper cold-cranking amperage as well as reserve capacity. Batteries typically last about 5 years before they will stop holding a charge. The oil should be replaced based on your vehicle’s regular maintenance s

How do I check my power steering fluid?

12/29/202159 Auto Repair
With power steering fluid, there are 2 main ways to check the fluid depending on what kind of vehicle you have. If your vehicle has a clear bottle, there will be a minimum and maximum line. When the vehicle is warm, the fluid should be between these two lines. If it is below the minimum, power steering fluid should be added. If the vehicle has a dipstick for the power steering fluid, this should be used to determine if the fluid is full. When the vehicle is warm and off, you should remove the po

How do I keep rodents out of my vehicle?

12/03/202159 Auto Repair
With winter and colder weather fast approaching, many animals will start to look for new, warmer homes. What makes a better home to fight off the cold than your engine compartment? The mice in the area feel the heat coming from your nice warm car that you just parked and decide to make it their 5 star hotel. They start snacking on all the tasty wires under the hood. This causes all kinds of electrical issues on vehicles. Every winter, we see vehicles come in with electrical issues due to rodent

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