When should I replace my coolant?

11/02/2021coolant59 Auto Repair
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When should I replace my coolant? Over time, your coolant system becomes contaminated with moisture. This causes the boiling point of the coolant to change, as well as it to lose its rust-inhibiting properties. Over time, this will cause corrosion in the system and will cause the vehicle to overheat. As part of your regular maintenance service, coolant should be replaced every 5 years or 60,000 miles. When the coolant is replaced, the technician will burp the system to remove any air bubbles.

An air bubble in the system can cause overheating so it is very important that any air is bled from the system. Coolant hoses should be replaced every 100,000 miles to prevent leaks. The coolant hoses will break down internally and so should be replaced based on mileage rather than how the hoses look and feel. Schedule your appointment to have your coolant exchanged today!

How do I check my coolant?

11/15/202159 Auto Repair
The coolant should only be checked when your engine is cold. You should never open the radiator cap when the coolant is hot or it can burn you. To check your coolant level, locate the coolant reservoir bottle. On the side will be a minimum and maximum line. The coolant level should fall between these two lines. If it is below the minimum line, coolant should be added through the radiator cap and the coolant overflow bottle if the vehicle has one. Coolant should be a 50/50 coolant and water mix

What will happen if the brake line leaks?

02/07/202259 Auto Repair
What will happen if the brake line leaks? When brake lines are leaking, the brake fluid level will drop. Brake fluid helps transfer the force and movement created when you press down the brake pedal. When the fluid gets too low, you will lose the brake pressure, and will not be able to stop the vehicle. 59 Auto Repair does not recommend driving the vehicle when the brake fluid is leaking. Eventually, the fluid will drop low enough you will not be able to stop the vehicle. A mechanic will need to

Why Is My Car Starting Slow?

02/02/202259 Auto Repair
Why is my car starting slow? A long crank is an indication that the battery may be failing on your vehicle. Extreme weather causes stress on the battery and takes more power to start the vehicle. Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. The mechanic will test the cold-cranking amps and the voltage of the battery to determine if the battery should be replaced. The battery should be tested as part of your vehicle maintenance service. Our mechanics test the batteries with every oil

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