What should I check on my vehicle before winter?

11/10/2021vehicle59 Auto Repair
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With colder weather just around the corner, we are here to help you prepare your car. Before snow comes, your tires should be checked for proper inflation as well as good tread life. It is common for cold weather to cause your tires to drop a few pounds of pressure. Good tread helps your tire grip the road and keeps control of the vehicle in bad conditions. We are always happy to check your tire pressure and tread life!

Your battery should also be inspected for proper cold cranking amps as well as reserve capacity. Cold weather puts more load on the vehicle and makes it take more power to start. If the battery is weak, it will not start once the cold weather comes. The coolant should also be checked for winter. Coolant over time builds up moisture which changes the boiling point, as well as the freezing point. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle inspected for winter!

Rodents In My Vehicle?!

04/02/202159 Auto Repair
There are rodents in my vehicle! What do I do? Rodents such as mice and opossums like to cozy up in your engine compartment due to the warm engine. They will make nests if given the opportunity to remain there. One common issue is that mice love to chew wiring. It is an easy and convenient snack while they are in there. How do you know if there are animals making your vehicle their home? Many times, the animal will bring in twigs and other nest material to make a home under your hood. If you

What will happen if the brake line leaks?

02/07/202259 Auto Repair
What will happen if the brake line leaks? When brake lines are leaking, the brake fluid level will drop. Brake fluid helps transfer the force and movement created when you press down the brake pedal. When the fluid gets too low, you will lose the brake pressure, and will not be able to stop the vehicle. 59 Auto Repair does not recommend driving the vehicle when the brake fluid is leaking. Eventually, the fluid will drop low enough you will not be able to stop the vehicle. A mechanic will need to

Why Is My Car Starting Slow?

02/02/202259 Auto Repair
Why is my car starting slow? A long crank is an indication that the battery may be failing on your vehicle. Extreme weather causes stress on the battery and takes more power to start the vehicle. Over time, batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. The mechanic will test the cold-cranking amps and the voltage of the battery to determine if the battery should be replaced. The battery should be tested as part of your vehicle maintenance service. Our mechanics test the batteries with every oil

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